World beneath the feet

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players”

–  William  Shakespeare, As  you  like  it

The  world beneath our feet is a fascinating one. Colours,emotions, events in various nuances and perspectives are all around us, inviting us to get  out on the tarmac, on the  broad wide road where  your  soul  meets  the  sky, your mundane travel experiences become pieces  of  gem to be preserved, and you become  the sorcerer  of your  own fable. To travel, to see, to experience, to perceive and then to come back to the  mundaneness and start  all over again, that is what life  is all  about. 

I have tried to portray various facets  of life-festivals, travel destinations, city events , city destinations and even day to day life, in this blog.This has covered the length and breadth of the country,which I have been fortunate enough to visit/ stay at. Let  me share the joy with you.

This  blog is about travel, people, photography, experiences and current affairs.

I would  definitely welcome comments  and suggestions  for improvement of the blog. I am also welcome to proposals for affiliate blogging, and promotional activities. You  can reach me  at:

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Keep  travelling, keep discovering, have fun .Bon voyage!!



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